About NNHS Boosters
What is the Naperville North High School Booster Club and why is it important to participate? The NNHS Boosters is an all volunteer organization that raises money that goes directly to the School and Student Body, including clubs, sports and activities. Each year we raise and distribute approximately $100,000.

Executive Board
Doug Ritzmann - President
Deneen Robert - President
Jim Boody - VP
Mindy McCauley - Treasurer
Noelle Tepas - Secretary
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    The NNHS Booster Club extends a hearty welcome to all incoming and returning families, faculty and friends of Naperville North. As you know, we are the organization that financially supports athletics, student activities and contributes to capital improvements at NNHS. Join us by becoming a Booster Club member. Please complete the membership form below, which includes a choice of two types of memberships: The Basic Booster and the premium Alpha Dog Booster membership.